Signs You Are a Genius: How do I know if I am a genius? 

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The words “genius” and “genius IQ” (intelligence quotient) get thrown around a lot and often in jest. But how do you know if you really are a genius? Let’s look at the common signs of genius, what defines genius IQ, and how geniuses behave.

Genius Signs:

There are some signs that are common among geniuses. These are not all the signs of genius, but they are some to look for.

High IQ:

You can take an IQ test if you want, but sometimes it’s easier to spot a smarty than having them take a test. One sign is how much people talk about your intelligence—too much or not enough? Another sign is how many times you’ve changed schools because you were too “difficult” to teach. Sometimes intelligence makes it hard for others to understand and communicate with you—or even tolerate your presence.


Intellectual giftedness (a high IQ) often goes hand in hand with learning disabilities and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. If you feel like school was a breeze but people think you are weird (such as too smart, too quiet, and so on), you might be gifted.


Sometimes genius IQ is associated with eccentricity—the person acting different from the norm. Look at how different your behavior is compared to other people who have the same age and background. Even if it’s something easy to hide, like being quiet in a loud environment, if you feel different from your peers—if they annoy or bore you—you might be gifted.


Another sign of genius IQ is sometimes people quickly change interests. They start off passionate about one subject but get bored quickly and switch to another, over and over. It can be difficult for people to remain dedicated when they see so many possibilities and opportunities.


Sometimes genius IQ is associated with creativity. People who are smart often find it easy to come up with creative ideas, solutions, and novel thoughts. They might observe the world in a unique way that others cannot—or maybe it’s just not worth the effort to observe something so straightforward.

Mentally active:

Another sign of genius IQ is mental activity. People who are gifted sometimes sit quietly, look outwards or inwards, but don’t lie still for long periods of time. They also might talk a lot about their thoughts (if they are verbal), write down their thoughts (if they are visual), or act them out (if they are kinesthetic).

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Highly sensitive:

Sometimes genius IQ is associated with high empathy and high sensitivity—meaning that you feel things deeply. This can mean you’re more easily overwhelmed, offended, or wonder how other people think about you. It’s important to understand that your heightened feelings might not just be in your head.

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Unique interests:

Genius can sometimes be associated with being an “expert” at something, even if it’s unpopular. It could just mean you are really good at something very specific and few people think about it—like how geckos walk on ceilings. Is there something that you’re really good at and is also “out there”? Is it a unique interest?


One sign of genius IQ is the way you behave. Do your interests and behaviors stand out from those around you? If you often think differently or feel more intensely than those around you, especially as a child, then you might be gifted.


Sometimes genius IQ is associated with being solitary. You might not like to spend much time around other people, or you might prefer to be by yourself even if you enjoy the company of others now and then. People may think that you’re “antisocial” but it probably means you just need alone time—and if you like company, you can be quite the social butterfly.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the traits of giftedness and high intelligence; if we included everything we would end up with a very long article! However, these signs are generally associated with genius IQ. So how do you know if you’re gifted? You might want to take an online IQ test, or talk to someone you trust to help you. Take it seriously; if people think that you act like a genius, there might be more truth to it than they realize.

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Genius is not always easy.

If you’re gifted, you might feel like school was too easy—and then have trouble in college because it’s more difficult. You might feel different from your friends or family, and not really know why. Sometimes genius IQ is associated with feeling “less” human—like you’re a robot, alien, or some other species that people don’t fully understand.

It can be difficult to find geniuses because they often feel misunderstood by society. If you’re gifted, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a genius. You might feel alone in the world—or you might be surrounded by people who understand you perfectly. It is possible for someone to be very intelligent without being able to call themselves a genius.

But what does it really mean to be gifted? Some say it’s just an IQ of 130, while others argue that it’s much more than that. If you’re gifted, there are some advantages and some disadvantages. On the bright side, you might find school very easy (at least at first), get good grades without trying too hard, and learn skills faster than other people. At the same time, you might struggle socially—feeling like you don’t fit in with everyone else. You might want to do work that is more advanced or go on to college, but not know how.

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The truth is, nobody knows exactly what it means to be gifted—or even what IQ really stands for. There are only theories about the “right” way for smart people to behave. Some people say that gifted is just a disability, while others think it’s a gift from God. If you’re gifted, there isn’t a right answer—you have to decide for yourself how you want to live your life and whether being gifted is a good thing or not.

You might feel shy around other people, but sometimes genius IQ is associated with being very outgoing. You might find school very easy or difficult, but genius IQ isn’t just about grades—it’s about curiosity and interest in the world around you. If you are gifted, there are some advantages to being different from other people. Being smart might have its disadvantages sometimes, but it can also be pretty awesome too.

Every genius is unique and has their own set of gifts and challenges. If you’re gifted, there’s no right or wrong way to be. You might feel like an outsider at times, but that doesn’t meant you don’t fit in with everyone else—in fact, you may find a whole community of people who understand exactly how it feels. You might not know if you’re a genius, but don’t worry about it too much. Sometimes geniuses have to ask themselves questions to help figure things out.

Genius IQ is actually just a number that has been assigned to people by their intelligence test results. It’s based on how many questions someone answers correctly compared with other people their age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a genius. IQ is just one way to measure intelligence—and being gifted or smart doesn’t always mean you’re a genius. If you think you might be a genius, work on identifying what makes someone intelligent and why it’s possible for people to have different strengths and weaknesses.

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